Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Lion's Roar

Three Women is a short film about women in pain, struggling to make sense of their lives. It is a series of stories reduced to their emotional essence. This is a fictional piece but one that is also true. See the project at http://mediastorm.com/publication/three-women If you put together some snapshots from your life and whispered a thought... What would your life look like? To you. To others. For another woman. Would she recognize herself in the glimts of your life and the vague tone of your voice? However dark that memory would look like. Are these women, women in pain? Or are they simply women. Living the pain that all women suffers just for the reason that they are women. Some say that beauty cannot come without pain, and the more painful something is the more beautiful it can be. Perhaps, if women were uglier, they would not suffer as much.

Come To Me

About these things called love, sex and addiction... Isn't it quite interesting that when someone decides to make a documentary on love addiction, and the SVT (Swedish Television) decides to show it... Four out of five of these love addicts turn out to be women. Most of the time the male partners of these women are accidentally filmed at the periphery, as bystanders. Even though their relationships with these women seem to be as extreme as those of the main characters - their girlfriends. (Off course this excludes the poor guy who is stalked like if he is a Hollywood star throughout the documentary.) Dox: Love addict på SVT Play I find this interesting since the same perspective can be found when looking at sex addiction, but reversed. I can´t remember many movies or documentaries where sex addicts have not been men, or women have not been the passive bystanders honoring their wifely mission. I can´t help myself from wondering whether this view on sex and love addiction, male and female addiction, are socially constructed documentarian truths or actual biological facts. That women, tend to be love addicts in the same extent as men tend to be sex addicts. And that as few women there are to be found among sex addicts, as few men are there to be found among love addicts. A biological scenario which I find very unlikely and highly socially constructed. In fact it is more probable that people simply find it comforting that all women are portrayed as possible crazy, stalking, romantic bitches. Addicts to the idea of love. Addicts to the idea of coupling. Phobia of being alone. And it is in fact much more probable that people find it quite comforting that all men are portrayed as sex addicts. Because in this comforting fantasy, to the extreme, rape and rapists makes so much more sense: - She said I could do whatever I wanted to. - She was in love with me. - She's a woman. Raping a woman is not the unreasonable in this fantasy. In this fantasy women have no actual reason and men cannot help themselves... Source: Not a good reason Makers of these documentaries, where the chosen perspective doesn't instantly hit us as angled or leading (we see them as true pictures of reality) may not knowingly construct a moral comfort zone. But all women, all feminists and all the people who find this moral comfort zone to be legally and morally inhibitory have anyhow responsibility. A responsibility to at least, at the very minimum, raise their voice to concern. To hand a pinch of clarity to those who might not have queertopian awareness. Even if that clarity just reaches to the person you are sharing the sofa with when watching the documentary Dox: love addict.

How to get thin faster and healthier when you are lazy!

We all see those models in the fashion magazines and wonder 'How can I get a body like that'?' Well ,with a little motivation and work it is easy! Think about your body looking good in the summer ,those pair of jeans that are waiting for you in your wardrobe for a long time ,think about that nice feeling you get when you don't have to struggle every morning to wear the clothes you like.As we know confidence is the key of success ,so think about the self-confidence you will gain after you lose those extra pounds.Follow these steps as quick as you can,you will wish you started before :)! First of all you have to determine what kind of body do you have and to chose a real role model. DO NOT miss any meals.This is a very important point if you want to lose weight ,because it just leads to anorexia and eating regular meals especially the breakfast ,boosts you metabolism for the rest of the day. DRINK A LOT OF WATER.The best is to drink at least 8-9 glasses of water per day.Skip drinking soda or different juices and try to push yourself in drinking water.It has no calories, no fat, no sugar no carbs.Water keeps you hydrated, gives you energy, it reduces the risk of a heart attack or cancer ,gives you glowing healthy skin and it works wonders to your digestive system.Also try to drink the water before you eat, in this way it fills you up and it doesn't allow you to eat much. EAT! Yes, you read it right! Eat, but not what you are thinking *wink*. Stay away from those hamburgers, instead fill yourself up with vegetables and fruits. DO NOT eat in front of television! Eat slowly and chew the food as much as you can. Eat food parted in small portions.For example if you eat 3-4 times a day try to double that eating around six times a day, but in small portions. Try to skip eating sweet thing, but you can find some Low-Carb desserts once in a while and give yourself a special treat. Don't overdo it thought! Create a tea drinking routine. Tea helps you to lose those pounds so try some different kind of teas and stick to the one you found the best or change the flavours once in a while. You can drink it instead of morning coffe and instead of sodas or different drink serving the tea cold with some ice cubes in it. It is also good to have a cup of herbal tea before going to sleep. EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE !!!!! Try to go regularly to the gym or if you don't have the opportunity or the time try to have a morning and evening run for a couple of minutes.It helps you not to get flatter, but it makes you feel better and fresher.